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Had 20 week appointment today am I only one bummed that they don't do ultrasounds at every appointment she pulled out fetal Doppler and I was so sad.

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β€” Isn’t the 20 week appt the one where they do the ultrasound and check gender and what not?

β€” I had a regular check up apt and separate anatomy scan, but I have Kaiser. I think we all want ultrasounds every, but some people only get two their whole pregnancy! Lame! Do you have your anatomy scan scheduled?

β€” @halifax6, I have Kaiser too I had anatomy scan Monday and regular appointment today she was like u will have your next ultrasound at 35 weeks I was like so bummed πŸ™

β€” @jlawrence62317, I had my anatomy scan on Monday I had regular appointment today lol I was just hoping I was gonna get to see him twice this week

β€” @jasminewhite1931 aww I don't even know the next time imma get one! I do know own I've been VERY lucky, cause I've had a dating scan, a in office ultrasound, and TWO anatomy scans cause my little man was hiding his heart and spine. I feel very fortunate! I may high risk for blood pressure, so I'm assuming I'll get some more but who knows. I'm so shy and hate asking questions. Lol unless I NEED an answer. 35 weeks seems like an eternity!

β€” I know I'm like that's 15 more weeks lol . How crazy my ultrasound tech had hard time getting pics of my little ones spine too. He kept moving a whole lot. I'm first time mom so I'm like constantly worried,luckily everything has been good so far. I'm sort of shy myself so when I asked for ultrasound today and they said no I felt like world was ending lol. But I guess if another ultrasound doesn't happen to 35 weeks were in the clear . How far along are you? @halifax6