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Help!! My 10 mo old has never slept well but he is now waking every 1-2 hours and will only take one good nap a day. I have always nursed him to sleep and he usually goes back down pretty quick but lately he is having a very hard time going back down. I have tried a gentle CIO method (I’m not into letting him cry alone for hours on end) but he will just cry and cry until I either get him up or nurse him. I have not slept more than a couple hours since I don’t remover when. Please, any suggestions, tricks, tips, would be greatly appreciated!

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— Have you established a routine with him??

— Yes! Same routine every night. Story, goodnight to all his “friends” in his room and then nurse and song. He often his to bed awake and will just put himself to sleep. But then he wakes every 2hours and will not calm until nursed. 😩