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Shit i gotta take to get rid of a uti/yeast infection. Ugh

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— @ericabutler389 douch with peroxide and water your yeasts infection will be gone quick

— I aint got any peroxide or any douches and dont have money right now so my friend gave me this and said hers went away after a week of taking this stuff

— If i had a tub id be taking vinegar baths but only have a shower

— @ericabutler389 mine last for about a day and a half with the peroxide

— @bunny713 ok thats cool but like i said i dont have any peroxide so this is the shit i take and im not even sure i have a uti. Cause i took a at home uti test and the top strip was a very dark purple which means its positive for leukocytes but the bottom was negative meaning theres no nitrates so idk if its a uti or not so im taking this stuff cause my friend took it when she had her uti and it went away within a week so i am taking it to be on the safe side incase it is a uti

— @ericabutler389 yea..... I was just saying that's what I do

— @bunny713 ok im not even sure its a uti or yeast infection but i took a at home uti test anf the top strip was a dark purple wich means i have 500+++ white blood celld in my urine but dont have any nitrates and a normal white blood cell count in a person urine is around 60 to 100 i think so not sure its a uti or yeast infection

— @ericabutler389 with a yeast infection it's normally itchy and irritated

— It only itches at night but theres no irritation at all @bunny713