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The last hour before bedtime Jayden is always super cranky but I keep him up cause he's on a schedule .. my back is killing me from carrying him that long since his dad is covering somebody at work πŸ˜‚ having no help is hard

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β€” It is hard. My husband will hold her and love on her about 10 minutes a day. He's too tired to do anything else. πŸ™„

β€” Do you ever wear him? It’s a life savor for me when BD is working late

β€” Chris just got back from Baltimore an hour ago. I'm soooo glad he's finally home...the boy was pretty good this week, but being the only one around was tough!

β€” @morganmommy79, that's how his father was in the beginning... I think since Jayden's easier to deal with now he helps a lot more lol

β€” @lex105, I have the thing to put him in but I have to figure it out .. he would probably get fussy in that too lmao

β€” @nomli, omg a week 😭😭 I would cry lol .. you get like no mommy time !! At least he's back now !!

β€” Uhhuh! A day early too! The first time he left us for a week the boy was only six weeks old. That one was a very tough week.