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I wish I had someone to talk to about the stress/postpartum I've been dealing with. I have mom friends, but I need someone who can relate when you feel like you're the "not so perfect parent" due to impatience. I love my daughter so much, but being here without help all day can really get to me. Feeling a bit emotional at the moment, like I could just breakdown. In much need of support and words of encouragement. 😢

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— @tatted_mommy Everything will be alright. I'm sure it's not as bad as u think. My patience is short too especially when I can't 💨. And now that Im 30 I find my patience getting even more shorter and I handle my kids in ways that I kinda feel bad about afterwards. No I do not abuse or just beat on my kids but when I think about how intelligent they are, how many compliments I get about my kids it makes me feel alot better as a parent. Despite how I may feel sometimes it tells me that apparently I'm doing something right especially when I look at other ppl and their kids. O hell nawl. Lol. Keep your head up. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. I don't give a damn what the books say. Plus u only have one so it's more so of trial and error

— I'm a "bad mom" just like the movie bad moms. After I change, feed, play, massage, and bathe my LO I let her cry herself to sleep while I monitor her on the baby monitor to go shower, eat or just to breathe. I've learned to just do what geek's right after the books don't work. There are times I have a glass of wine and watch my daughter cry (tearless of course) until she decides to just stop. I even take pictures. We should get together to be "bad moms" together.

— @maemae, I know there's no such thing as a perfect parent, but I meant like someone who has the patience and doesn't do things that make us feel bad later. I guess I didn't want my first to be trial and error, I wanted everything to be like I plan. But I'm only human, so I know I can't beat myself up about it too much. Maybe it is in the age, I'm 29 and on number 1. Kinda discourages me from thinking of having a second one.

— @lookatmenow85, sometimes it's good to walk away and take a breather, but I hate leaving her cry, it makes me feel bad. I hate feeling like she could be better off without me, not that I would leave of course. But, when I get impatient or tell her to stop crying, I feel bad. Or just the fact that I neeed breaks, even though that's normal and necessary. I know she deserves better.

— @tatted_mommy No. Don't get discouraged. The fact that u actually plan out things and not wing it says that you're a good mommy. It says that u have a vision and aren't clueless or ignorant to the situation. Believe me if u had another one it wouldn't seem as bad because you will know from experience of how to do things

— @maemae, maybe it's just a bit harder on me not having any help. All our family and friends are back in California. We're moving back next year. Hubby works late most days, so it's just me and babygirl until her bedtime most days.

— @tatted_mommy I only hear u trying to install moral value and guidance. It's like disciplining and that's a good age to start if u already haven't. Everything you're doing is fine luv. You're just putting too much thought into it because u want more and kno she deserves more than what u can do right now but in time she will have all that is needed as long as u continue to do what your doing. I hope this conversation isn't making u feel worst. U asked for encouragement so I hope Im helping

— @tatted_mommy I understand u completely

— @tatted_mommy I have raised my sisters, exes kids, friends kids and now my own. I had an idea what type of parent to be and that I wanted to be based on those experiences. I also learned a lot of techniques. What I'm saying is that it hurts emotionally but needs to be done.