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My baby took a handful of my boudin ball and crawled away

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— Is that Indian dessert

— What is that love

— Boudin balls @mommyof2preciousboys1216,

— No hun boudin balls @larubia2723,

— Boudin balls@scottiesmommy,

— Omg i love those my moms from lousinana and they are bomb i get them everytime i visi. @5babies

— What is that tho like a dessert cuz it looks yummy like a desserr

— What's in them or how do they taste

— @mommyof2preciousboys1216 it has like rice and pork in it its so bomb it kind of taste like dirty rice but better. Idk if you had tht before..

— Oh yes I have wow sounds yummy

— @larubia2723 no its like a appetizer . its so good idk if u had dirty rice before but it kind of taste like that its rice and pork in a ball its so bomb.

— Im hungry i want sum now. Lol

— @lovedontfade23 o ok that shit do look yummy

— Aww I’m sorry lol @lovedontfade23,

— @5babies 😢 lol

— Yes it’s taste good with jalapeño and cheese inside @larubia2723,

— Thier are different kinds . you live in Louisiana?@5babies

— Yes I live in Louisiana @lovedontfade23,

— Snatch n run! Smart baby! 😂 mmmm love me some boudin!

— Pepper jack boudin balls the bomb from Billy’s @5babies,

— Girl yes she did it so fast he love hot food @crystalhealing,