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Can everyone please say a prayer for my little girl valentina born so morning at 26 weeks 3 days she only weights 2lb 2 xx

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— Praying for her hun. How is she doing? X

— Prayers... hope shes doing well x

— God helping 🙏🏻your angel 👼 Good luck 🤞have a strong healthy & healthy ...

— I’m not the religious type but I will say a prayer for your little one. Congratulations on her birth but so sorry that it was so early. Hope she thrives xxx

— Congratulations! Will pray! Some words of comfort- I have a friend whose baby was born at 26weeks and she's now a perfectly healthy 3 year old! Stay strong mama! Xx

— @mum2sky they say the happy with her shes breathing on her own but the have put a tube as she gets tried very easy obviously over how small she is x

— @tremzini thank you hun im very nervous to be honest but they saying she doing very good god bless her xx

— @bobbyjeang that's really good to hear hun. You are both in my thoughts keep us updated if you can x

— @genieh thank you so much that really appreciated and needed right now as im very worried and nervous at the moment even thought they say she doing very good and she tall she so small To me as she only 2lb 2oz god bless her i really not worth a penny xxx

— @nastya_82 thank u so much hun x

— @mum2sky thank you and i will do hun x

— Congrats hun.....We're all praying for u both!

— @natasha.forrester123 thank you hun xx

— Congrats praying for you x

— @michellewiggins1985 thank you xx

— Congratulations, hope she's doing well xx