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So, about two-three weeks ago, I lost a blood with mucus in it, went to see doctor and she said everything looked fine and she said blood is normal BUT

Idk if I should call OB/GYN now I've been having bad appetite and going number two three times a day for 5 to 6 days.

Two days, I went to bathroom and two blood spots on my underwear with a bunch of white discharge that dried quickly. All day I felt cramps and back pain that killed me.

Yesterday, I had a headache, cramps, shoulder pain, neck pain, and chest pain...

Now I'm having vaginal pressure today with shoulder pain and slightly cramps...

She's still active. Active more then usual.

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— i say call ,so they at lest know vwhat's going on

— I would call. Sounds like you keep losing bits of your mucus plug. Any contractions?