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I have tried everything for itchy skin and nothing is helping. My arms and chest are itching so bad that I literally cry because it hurts so bad to scratch.

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— I was pregnant i had something like that happen to me and my husband went to the pharmacy and her if there was something i can take and he got these allergy pills im just not sure what they where called you can try calling your obg

— @tinkcem85, I’m about to call my OB and see what I can do to help. I was also reading something about it being a sign of a Liver problem it I start to have a rash type thing when I scratch

— @juliam27 is it a rash?? Try buying grandpa's pine tar soap on Amazon, it helps with any scratching. It smells gross but works wonders! Maybe aveeno lotion for itchiness. I use both the soap and lotion. Lol

— @jane.austen64, I will buy it when I can. Right now I’m using aveeno soap and lotion and I’m also using coconut oil.

— @juliam27 I had a rash a few weeks ago and following up with the soap and lotion I drank v8 juice and dandelions detox tea, it helps with the liver problem and balances it out to where your not itching as well.

— @jane.austen64, I go next week to see my doctor so I will talk to him about it but it I get worse I will call him and see what he tells me. I don’t have a rash or anything it’s just the past few days my skin has been super itchy and my mom told me to also try an oatmeal bath.

— @juliam27 oh gotcha! Well yes I've heard that pretty much helps with anything!:)) hope your itches get better!

— @juliam27 i hope its nothing bad

— @tinkcem85, me too. If my itching gets worse the dr wants me to go to labor and delivery so they can keep an eye on me.

— @juliam27 hope it dont get to that dont stress to much