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Breastfed babies don’t sleep 😩😩😩😩😩

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β€” They sleep on the boob

β€” @toshagager, yep he’ll pull off and then wake up like 10 mins later hungry for the other one πŸ˜…

β€” @walkers-mom I know it gets better in time I breastfed all my kids and had different experiences with them all

β€” @toshagager, i just need sleep at night 😩 and can’t wait to get his lip tie removed so he has a better latch

β€” @walkers-mom I know not sleeping sucks I like laying down while feeding that way I can rest a little while baby eats and I don't lose my mind lol

β€” @toshagager, he uses a nipple shield so kind of difficult and i tried last night laying down and he wasnt having it so I’ll sit up and latch him and then lean back on my pillow

β€” @walkers-mom my 1st used a shield for a few weeks it was so much better after I got him off it how long do u have to wait to get his tie done

β€” @toshagager, he has an appointment on Friday to have the dr look at it . Some drs will do it that day & some make you come back for another appointment so we’ll see

β€” @walkers-mom well hopefully it's done then

β€” It will get better. In my case, around 14 months. Lol that's when she stopped waking up every few hours to nurse.

β€” @lifewithlynniejade88, omg!!! My first slept through the night at 4 months but he was formula fed. My deadline for nursing is a year lol

β€” Ugh, mine was a year too. Buuut, here we are 19 months & still nursing occasionally. Plus I'm pregnant. It's hard to wean her off.

β€” @lifewithlynniejade88, yeah I’m nervous for weaning and drying up lol

β€” If you're lucky it'll get better. My daughter is 4 months. Goes to bed at 8p. Will sleep til somewhere between 4-6, eat and then go back to sleep til like 9-10a

β€” @meetthevalentines2017, ugh he never sleeps . Wife awake right now