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20 week scan today

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— Awww how lovely. Do you know what your having ?? X

— @natalie2255 wasn't going to find out then wanted to but it was lying awkwardly with it's arse by my belly button and legs up so couldn't see what it was 😢

— @charsarah arghhh I know that feeling. Every scan I went to there was either a cord in the way....or legs crossed lol only found out 4 weeks before the birth lol

— Awww you got great pics! My little one was face on the whole time haha xxx

— @courtniek98x it took emptying my bladder for it to face me. Thinking I may go for a private scan to see if they can see anything between the legs 😂😂

— @charsarah, I had a private one at 17+5 and they were right she is a girl 😊

— @natalie2255 aw no. Yeah the massive pale blob is my placenta. But I guessed it may have been at the front as any kicks I felt were always lower left abdomen

— @courtniek98x you'd recommend then? Where did you go?

— @charsarah, yeah definitely! And a place called early days x