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When pumping how many ounces does baby boy need?he drinks and ounces and ahalf to two ounces of formula. Will he need the same amount of breast milk? Cause I heard they don't need as much breast milk as formula

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— He needs the same. Breast milk is actually thinner than formula so he may even demand more. Its much more nutrients than formula so he'll benefit more from it.

— @lifeasmommy oh okay. Cause I'm trying to build my supply up cause my parents help with him and feed him from a bottle. He's also been lazy since he was born and doesn't like to latch. I just wanted to make sure he was getting enough breast milk.

— @maesmommy04 as long as he isn't whining after the bottle is empty or wanting to eat too soon and gaining weight then he'll be just fine. 2-3 oz is perfect. Keep it up. 💗