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Looking at trying to become pregnant

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— How long have you been TTC?

— not long I've been talking to my boyfriend and were trying to make sure we're ready for a little one

— Make a list like of what you want to have/do before having a baby(like buy a house or go on a vacation), think about who will help take care of the baby or will you be a stay at home mom, my advice try to have like $1000-$2000 in savings for emergencies. Just a few thoughts that I’ve had before deciding to start trying. Things that people don’t normally tell you but are important. The way I look at it is If you’re going to intentionally have a baby make sure you can give it the life it deserves like a clean safe home, think about providing it braces in the future and tutors if needed and the costs of them playing sports or hobbies. Make sure you prepare yourself for all the harder times of having kids not just the fun parts. I meant all that in the nicest way possible😊