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22 more days 😮 time is ticking away 💙

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— 25 days left for me hoping she comes soon

— @toshagager I'm hoping he comes soon too early is better but I'll just be happy when he makes his way lol

— @mommy2behappyascanbe right I know I'm just so tired and the pain is getting to me

— @toshagager when I'm sitting down I feel like he's all pushed up in my ribs and the pain from that is so bad🤦

— @mommy2behappyascanbe yes I hate driving cause it hurts my ribs and back but my chair declines so it's not as bad

— @toshagager I spend alot of time laying down also walking so I don't feel as bad. I need to stay comphy so I use body pillows and such!

— @mommy2behappyascanbe right but it's hard for me to lay down cause my kids always want something and walking I can only do so much cause my feet hurt when I'm on them

— @toshagager I'm happy that I have no other kids of my own because I've had horrible sickness and this pregnancy had kicked my ass but it's been amazing and beautiful all at the same time . I honestly have no idea how you mommy's do it.

— @mommy2behappyascanbe yeah morning sickness sucks every pregnancy is different well not always