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A girl on the mom group I’m in said that i have to wean off of exclusively pumping or I’ll get mastitis but my child is literally on my boob every hour so i don’t for see that being a problem, and i do not want an over supply so I’m not gonna pump 4 times a day & have him nursing 🤦🏼‍♀️ pumping once a day is good enough for me

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— Yeah you have to do both. A little bit of pumping and nursing mostly is perfectly fine that’s what I did

— I wouldn’t pump unless you had to be away. You shouldn’t get mastitis if the baby is drinking from you I don’t know where she would of got that from.

— @vvrobinson, yeah well I’m only gonna do once a day and the lactation consultant i talked to said that that’s good since he is eating so much he eats almost every hour ..🤣 not trying to be a milk machine over here

— @sarah.cutshall, exactly . That’s why I’m only doing it once a day just to save it because when gets bigger I’d like to work a few days a week

— @walkers-mom, girl stahpppp I can’t wait to be a dairy farm again 😍😍😍 this baby comes out and she gonna get that boob real quick!!! Lol I miss nursing so much 😫😂

— @vvrobinson, lol well i mean i don’t want to have an over supply 😂 cause if i pump that much while he’s nursing i will. I gotta let my body regulate to what he needs so that’s why i don’t want to pump a lot . I can’t even barely get in one pump a day with this child always wanting to be on me hah

— @walkers-mom, ive breastfed for 16months I’m no pro or know a whole lot but I’ve never pumped unless I knew I was gonna be away the next day in fear of oversupply. My supply has always been just right for her as well where I fed on demand too.

— @sarah.cutshall, well i just got him to latch on Thursday so i was exclusively pumping before that from the time he was 2 days old so basically 3 weeks... but like you said i don’t want an over supply so one pump a day rather than 5 to 6 is good with me since he is always on me anyways

— @sarah.cutshall, but the girl was like you can limit one pump per week like no I’m only gonna do it once a day lol

— @sarah.cutshall, my boobs haven’t even felt full all day because he’s been on me so much lol and they usually do

— @walkers-mom, awww cluster feedings!! He must be going through a growth spurt? Is he barely sleeping?

— @vvrobinson, he was up every hour and a half last night !!! So must be 😩

— @walkers-mom, mine never do anymore. If even if they don’t it’s normal. Most people freak out when they don’t feel full. But it’s normal an yes he’s more than likely cluster feeding an if he is only 3 weeks old I definitely wouldn’t pump until 6weeks so your milk can regulate.

— @sarah.cutshall, yeah i was only pumping before cause he wasn’t latching !

— @sarah.cutshall, he’ll be a month on Wednesday

— @walkers-mom, if he is latching now that’s awesome! But seriously tho be careful pumping this early you can easily end up with an over supply. Breastfeeding is hard people just don’t know lol

— @walkers-mom, poor mama! He’s growing! Hang in there 💕