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Little beanie is so beanie in his jumper

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— Isn't it too early for him to be in jumper? He is still so tiny

— @loving-life he seems fine in it

— Does he hold up his head all the time? That would be my concern...if he wasn't.

— @ib.crazyskittles18, he does seem fine but ask your pediatrician because you’re not supposed to use this until he has upper body strength and can sit up assisted and is starting to crawl.

— @ib.crazyskittles18, but some will say okay to it depending on his upper body strength

— @noahs.mommy hes fine thanks for the concern though

— @ib.crazyskittles18 hun why rush? He has plenty of time ahead of him, let him get stronger his bones are still soft, it's too soon for jumper

— @loving-life its not too soon hes fine he likes it

— @ib.crazyskittles18 ok

— @ib.crazyskittles18, they can hurt there spines really bad if there put in before 4 months

— @abbyannnella hes fine