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Is it normal to have achy ribs, breathless, more a less aching for every part of me πŸ™„πŸ˜• (22 weeks 2 days)

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β€” Baby could be under your ribs and kicking or has been kicking them, it can be quite painful.

β€” @katejohnson finding it really painful makes me breathless. Xx

β€” @annie.entwistle it could also be as everything moves out the way! If it doesn't ease in the next few days i would ring as baby would have had time to move and cant imagine them being under your ribs for too long. Are u feeling movements yet? Xx

β€” @katejohnson yes feel movement a lot every day, so thinking it could be the every thing moving upwards as the kicks arent under my ribs, painful though ill ring doctors if still same thanks kate xx

β€” @annie.entwistle no problem πŸ˜„

β€” Just in case u where still worried @annie.entwistle

β€” @katejohnson that's really helpful explains a lot thanks for this xx

β€” @annie.entwistle your welcome 😘

β€” My ribs are really achy too. Especially when I’m laying down 😑 dr said it’s just baby and everything moving up a little. It’s s horrible feeling though babe. Xxx

β€” @ameliah not only me then it is an awful feeling glad its normal then comes and goes xx