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I don’t get it people think Cardi b shouldn’t of been twerking when she was performing at Coachella but I could of sworn when Beyoncé was pregnant with blue ivy she was doing concerts and still doing all that pop and locking that she always do smh.

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— Exactly girl I feel like people worry about the wrong things like let that girl do her. Just because you pregnant don't stop shit I guess they thought that Cardi B was suppose to go in hiding like everyone else when they found out they were pregnant. I love how shes embracing being pregnant as well as still working I love that about her and I don't even care for her music nor her at all but I love her grind.

— Girl Beyoncé can’t do nothing wrong in their eyes!!

— @proudmommyoftwo_, right!! She’s embracing it and showing women you that your life doesn’t stop because of a baby.

— @shay2beautiful, that’s so annoying to me. She’s human just like the rest of us.

— Lol we didn’t even see Beyoncé when she pregnant with blue. I see what you’re saying tho. People judge everyone without looking in the mirror at themselves.

— @amouryaya09, she was pregnant when her album 4 came out and she was pregnant but she was hiding with her outfits during the concerts but yeah people so quick to judge it’s ridiculous.

— @nmc95, yeah she did all her videos before she started to show. I don’t know of her doing any other concerts before she revealed her pregnancy but that’s not important. People just need to mind their business lol

— @amouryaya09, you know people can’t help themselves lol