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Reposting one more time becuz I’m anxious to know. I won’t have time to buy another pregnancy test until 7 😣😭. What do you ladies think? Has this happened to anyone while being on depo resulting as a true positive ?

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— If that's a test that's been sitting for a while that's in fact a false positive also known as an evap line.

— I got pregnant on depo but that test looks like it past the 10 minute mark?

— It was past the 10 min mark.@kaym, but then again before I took the test I been noticing pregnancy symptoms

— Might be an really positive. When is af

— Early**

— According to my app I’m supposed to get it in 5 days but every since I been on depo it’s irregular. I been having brown discharge for 4 days now @kambam,

— Ok. Sounds like you're gonna get it soon tbh

— I waited past 10 min for my test to show up when I first found out i was pregnant with my daughter😂.

— Definitely looks like a positive hun