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My stomach is bloating a little more. Is that normal at almost 12 weeks? I read that the baby starts moving up closer to your stomach at this week

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— When I was 9 to 12 weeks it was like bloat central for it will get better around week 14-15 .also I had to start eating lighter. I know we all feel super hungry lol but it helped when I didnt fill up all the way...hope this helps

— It was bloat city for me around that time.

— @holton_holly I'm always hungry now... since I got out of the nausea phase.

— @jaquelinerachelle I know what you mean lol I looked at my me app that helps me stay on track with my weight and it said I was way over but I think its full of crap lol I'm 15 weeks and 3 days and only 145 ..I figure tgis is my first baby I will enjoy myself ...just not too much hahaha

— @holton_holly nothing wrong with that. Lol my body type sucks. If I even smell chocolate I gain 50 pounds. I have to be careful