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It really pisses me off that my bf made me go back to work 2 weeks after my c section when he makes so much money😑 I don’t understand. I’ve had no time off work except the 2 mandatory weeks I wasn’t allowed to drive

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— wow.... not cool

— Wtf

— No offense but what a douche bag 😡

— A C section is a major surgery and you need time to heal.

— You live in Jersey, why didn't you get 6-8 weeks?! You don't have anything through work?

— That's super lame.

— @ohbabybaby88, i’m a nanny I get paid under the table 🙁

— @jtaylorg oooh. Ughh I'm sorry! That had to be rough.

— Yo, how did you do that? At 2 weeks I still couldn't get up from my bed. Couldn't even walk properly. I'm sorry that he did that, girl :/ You really needed those 6 weeks.