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I am so excited! My mum is amazing! She has just paid for me to have an early gender scan 😍 on the 1st of may. I can't wait.

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β€” Wow jealous babe can't wait for you xx

β€” @emz88lou226 I'm so excited! My mum is literally one of the most amazing people in the world. Xxx

β€” @pearce5443 you're lucky to have such amazing mother I hate mine and my dad is finding out Wednesday may even go back on facebook to congratulations I've looked and need money but just not got it spare xx

β€” Yaaay! Can’t wait to see πŸ™ˆπŸ’–

β€” @courtniek98x Me neither.....You still saying girl? Xxx

β€” @pearce5443, definitely!xxx

β€” @emz88lou226 Oh I'm sorry to hear your relationship with your mum isn't great. I know I'm very lucky xxx

β€” @courtniek98x I sooo can't wait to see xxx

β€” @pearce5443, so excited for you xxxx

β€” @courtniek98x thanks babe. Will let you know once I've had the scan 😁😁 xxxx

β€” @pearce54 43 don't be I'm well rid of her lol xx