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So my back hurts on only the right lower side and when I feel compared to the left side it’s swollen on the right side. Does anyone know what this means. I’m 19-20 weeks.

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— Could be an inflamed kidney!

— You should go to a doctor

— Omg I have had massive pain on my right lower side, dr said no kidney infection and that baby is probably just towards my back. The only position I can sleep in is my back and that’s bad

— @amberspringer, same, I just went to the doctor on Wednesday and I’m Sure if she found anything then she would have contacted me by now. It hurts to lay on either side and I hate sleeping on my back because I’ll get sleep paralysis. It just really sucks

— @stephiilovesu, I’m so sorry. It really sucks. I try to pop my back but it doesn’t work. If I move a certain way I can feel the disk move. I’m ordering a pregnancy pillow right now on Prime now. Maybe it will help