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Ok so everyone wish me luck! I got Kai and Sora their new sippy cups that are strictly for their formula and we are stopping bottles cold turkey starting tomorrow morning. It may be a rough few days for us all but I can't deal with these bottles no more and the longer I wait I think it's gonna just get harder for Kai to give his night time baba up so the sooner the better 🙄

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— I switched my boy at 11 months and he did great. So it shouldn't be too bad. Just be sure u keep a couple of bottles on hand for teething emergencies til they're around 18 months

— @cbrebelkat ok thank you

— @momma2twinies you're welcome

— @blakeslatinmama I use the no spill trainer sippy for juice and water and you got a 6+ month sippy without handles for their formula

— @blakeslatinmama

— @blakeslatinmama yep 🙂 I couldn't find the shorter ones unfortunately