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Coconut oil is a life saver right. I used it in the shower for the itching and man it has helped so much better than the Aveeno. Coconut oil is now my best friend😍

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— Prue coconut oil? I'll have to try it cause I have the same issue. I've been using coconut butter but it only works for so long

— Yes pure coconut oil is the best 😁.

— @ablaub, @momofboth, I use pure organic coconut oil cause that’s what my mom has been buying and it’s helps me so much.

— @juliam27 same . It's helping my hair grow too

— @momofboth, yes! I use it after I shower on my scalp and my ends plus my hair is super dry this pregnancy and it’s been helping my hair.

— @juliam27 what kind of shampoo and conditioner do u use and what is your hair type ?

— @momofboth, I use herbal essences and my hair is thick and wavy.

— @juliam27 oh that's not good , that shampoo has bad ingredients in it . Takes all the natural oils out your hair , that's why it may be dry

— @momofboth, I just started using it. My hair has been dry since the beginning of my pregnancy. I also have tried tresemme.

— @juliam27 yea they both have bad products in it but oh okay . I don't use those shampoos anymore because it was damaging my hair . I also have thick wavy hair .

— @momofboth, my cousin told me to use some type of shampoo but it’s 45 or 50 for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and I don’t have that type of money to spend on just shampoo and conditioner .

— @juliam27 oh my shampoo don't cost 50$ . Have you tried shea moisture