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Elkhart, posts from the channel

Trying to Сonceive

Does this look like a pregnant belly button

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— No.

— No because there is not such thing as a pregnant belly button. Only pregnant women. Take a test if it’s negative then you’re not pregnant.

— I have not take it yet

— Yes. Mine look exactly like that. 🙄

— @roguemommyofjx3 she just had sex last Thursday. There is no way, it's just a belly button. Lol.

— Ok

— @roguemommyofjx3 thank u

— @finallymadeit3 sarcasm doll.

— Your bellybutton in no way shape or form can tell if your pregnant! 💁‍♀️

— @roguemommyofjx3 oh, didn't sound that way xP

— @finallymadeit3 lmao thought the emoji gave it away

— @roguemommyofjx3 oh my emojis show up different 😔😔 lol gotcha

— @finallymadeit3 lol

— @roguemommyofjx3 hey

— Yeah....belly button has no way of showing that. Take a test if you think you are

— Yes

— Yes for wat

— @afarley342 yes for wat

— Huh

— Looks like a pregnant belly

— @afarley342 thank u

— Belly buttons vary so much in pregnancy. Mine never popped out so I had a innie but a lot of women have outties during pregnancy. So if you think you are pregnant I’d take a test because belly buttons can’t tell you anything

— Okay