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If you have 10$ what would u buy at the market to feed your family???

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β€” Pasta

β€” Tacos

β€” I second pasta. We even go real cheap and make our own sauce (V8 juice and hot sauce) πŸ˜‚

β€” @breederofboyz the ground beef going be more then 10

β€” @alyssa5792 what kind of pasta

β€” @uncouth thinkn more of a meal to last 2 or 3 days

β€” @ohbabybaby88 what kind

β€” Spaghetti? Any box of pasta and a jar of sauce is only a few bucks

β€” @ohbabybaby88 yea but the meat going be high

β€” @myboys1962, any kind of pasta. You don’t need meat. But if that’s you’re preference, ground beef isn’t expensive either. Make a meat sauce.

β€” @myboys1962 how many people are you feeding? If you're working with $10 you could skip the meat.

β€” Tacos or pasta like hamburger helper

β€” @amberspringer hamburger helper sounds cool

β€” @ohbabybaby88 4 ppl

β€” @myboys1962, yea you could definitely do it for $10

β€” @uncouth yea i got hella canned goods

β€” @amberspringer yea maybe i will do

β€” @myboys1962, actually sounds good. I get the beef pasta one and then add seasoning. Or you can get chicken tenderloins and rice and make seasoned chicken

β€” Rice and beans and some corned beef 😎

β€” I’d do pasta, some canned tuna, bread, and get a jar of pasta sauce with meat 😬

β€” @lulu85_18 that sounds good

β€” @amberspringer truuu

β€” Yellow rice with diced up spam. Season it how you like or you could even get the zatarans rice instead. Throw in a can of corn or peas. Or tuna casserole.(rice, tuna, cheese, a crumbled up tiny bag of 50 cent chips). Hot dogs.

β€” Bread, pb&j, milk, bananas, yogurt. It's just me and my toddler tho

β€” Bananas, pancakes mix, syrup and milk

β€” Buy some top ramen. Spaghetti with no meat. Some rice and some frozen chicken. Find coupons too

β€” @meetthevalentines2017 i have that besides the 🍌

β€” See where I stay you can get you a cheap back of meat like chicken legs get you maybe 2 sides a cheap soda and you might save your self $1 when your done

β€” Or make breakfast you can get eggs a pack of bacon some cheap biscuits some grits and have breakfast for dinner

β€” @jasminsmith782 truuuu but i was lookn for sumthg that can last for at least 3 or 4 days

β€” @jasminsmith782 yea im thinkn bout gettn sum drum sticks a family pack is like 4$

β€” @myboys1962, works perfectly