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What kind of 27 yr yells at a 4 yr old for touching their lunchables. 😒 when I bought them. I swear my sister needs to do something with her life than be on minecraft all day and night. Its disgusting.

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— oh hell no I'd smack her with a tiny pizza what a child she is

— @itsmely tiny pizza 😂😂 that made me laugh. But seriously she walks around here at my parents like she pays shit around here with an ugly attitude all day. She has anxiety bad and has to go with my mom everywhere and my parents are sick of the way she acts. It's sad because my mom has to sneak out the house just to go to the store alone. She doesn't work or do anything. I just moved here in March until I start working again after I have the baby. She has like a mind of a teenager I guess because shes never really worked or nothing. My mom even tried telling her to get her GED and shes like "for what?" Like she dont plan on doing ANYTHING.

— @d0iinjusfiin3 I knew you'd get a light out of it ☺. you can use the anxiety excuse all day but that sounds like it's just plain childish behavior! how rude of her to be worth everyone trust me I suffered from anxiety and PTSD for a long time and broke out of my shell but never was i rode to my family or people around me, she really needs to grow up girl

— laugh** darn phone lol

— @itsmely she has it really bad. And you would think she would feel bad knowing shes like a burden but nope. My mom has to wake her up to drag her along even if it's just to put gas. When they go to the store she takes alllllllll her time getting ready because she knows my mom wont leave her. She used to do it when I was pregnant with my son (I didnt drive at the time) and she would make me late to my appts and not care. And in the store shes just with her face all mad because she wants to go home. And my mom tells her she should of stayed home and she gets mad at my mom and tells her to shut up because we all know she will have a panic attack.

— @itsmely shes never been diagnosed though she doesn't take medication for it because she cant swallow pills. She doesn't do anything to help herself. Or try to snap out of it. What I dont like is how they let her drive and she doesn't have a license and a few months back she backed up into my car and made an ugly dent and I cant get it fixed because shes not on the insurance and doesn't have her license and she never said sorry. Shes like really careless of other ppls stuff too. She did the same to my sister truck when she just got it. They were able to pop it out though

— oh hell no 🙃🔫

— I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks. But I take meds and I take Care of two kids under two everyday by myself while my husband works.. She needs to see A doctor, get the anxiety under control and start doing more.. like your mom said, get her GED and get a job. I'm not trying to bitch at you by any means but one day your parents won't be here anymore to take Care of her so its better she gets independent sooner than later. I know that's not your job to raise her and you're pregnant which makes it even harder on you💕i hope things get better soon.

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 my mom tells her that all the time. She dont want to go to a dr and she does mention what will she do if something were to happen to her(my mom) but she ignores her. And I tell my mom too. But even if she seen a dr im sure she wont take medication for it. And she needs to see one about her period also. Shes been on it for over a month she said. 😐

— @d0iinjusfiin3 oh wow yea she needs to go in for that! And that's true you can't make her take meds. I used to not want to take mine but once I saw how much better I felt taking them i started to take them regularly.

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 yea we were telling her this weekend and shes like nope nope nope I'm not going nowhere. Smh and she wont take pills. At all. She had H. Pylori a few yrs back and she lost alot of weight and would throw up everything she ate so now she wont eat certain chewy meats or foods because shes scared she might choke so I know for sure she wont take no pill. I told my mom maybe she can at least see a dr to talk to someone. But she dont want to do anything! Shes going to be 28 this yr. She just stays stuck in her room. Talking back like a teenager. Its ridiculous.

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 idk I cant make her do anything. Nor my mom. But they need to keep mentioning it to her. And not put it off to the side.

— @d0iinjusfiin3 wow she's my Hubby's age. Crush up the pills in A drink? that's crazy. But only she can help herself...

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 yea. It just makes me mad how she treats my mom. My dad is the main one getting fed up with it. He asks my mom if she wants to go somewhere and my mom is always like "well we need to ask cynthia" and he gets mad saying his life dont revolve around her. They get into arguments about her alot. And shes just like blah whatever she don't care. My mom couldn't work even if she wanted to because of her.

— @d0iinjusfiin3 ya I don't blame your dad. Sounds A lot like my mom and dad with my sister. Although my sister works, her and my 2 year old nephew lives with my parents and my sister is like a selfish teenager a lot and shes 26.

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 well thank God my sister doesn't have any kids haha just a dog.

— @d0iinjusfiin3 lol right! I love my nephew but she didn't need a kid at that time but I know she loves him

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 yea and at least your sister works and all that also lol

— @d0iinjusfiin3 well she worked but has been out of a job for a while and hopefully will start again soon

— @hazelnautumnsmomma125 shoot at least shes able to work. 😩

— @d0iinjusfiin3 yes that's very true lol