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Anyone else used the cio/controlled crying method before? Feeling like the worst parent alive at the moment... Hate seeing him cry 😥

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— I did and all I can say is, yep it makes you feel like a cunt but honestly stick at it. You'll not regret it xx

— Hun you do what you think is best for your bubba! My LO doesn't cry a lot but has tantrums and I just have to put her down and walk away and I do feel bad but I refuse to give in as it will impacting hard on me when she's bigger xx

— Yeah exactly what @jo.wilcox said.. it was best thing I ever did with mine x

— I did controlled crying if that's what you call it with Max. I never left him to get too upset for more than a few minutes and I'd go back to reassure him. Sometimes I'd just lay him down, say goodnight, sometimes a cuddle to calm him. I always went back. It's horrible the first few times but if you stick with it they start to settle much easier. If it doesn't feel right for you then of course don't do it. But for us it helped and Max sleeps much better for it.

— @sara-lou86 yeah it evenually worked last night after a 35 min fight with me going in every 10 minutes (i think that made the situation worse as just as he was calming down I came in and left again annoying him again) i may stretch the time before i go in as the second i leave the room he will head butt things (gets annoyed easily) so i would rather he just cried than hurt himself... But yeah it was horrible and felt like forever but 35 mins and he went back to sleep in his own bed until morning which is great for him! Xx