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Question, what the hell do I do with a 9 month old that’s already in size 6 diapers... I mean by the time he’s potty trained I’ll need a size 9 lol my kid is a giant. No seriously what do you when they grow bigger then what’s available? Do Pull-Ups stretch that far?

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— My sons in size 6. Has been since about 8 months and they still fit and he’s 38 pounds. I do know Walmart brand sells size 7 diapers.

— @johnell, oh ok thanks that’s helpful I’m just scared because he literally has gone up the last 3 months two sizes he’s in the 99th percentile for height & weight but was born average

— @mommywynn2017, my sons the same way. He’s still gaining. Just getting taller they always tell me he’s so big for his age and I need to limit his snacks and what not. But I don’t believe in Turing down a kid when they ask for healty snacks

— @johnell,thats true my son could just get taller then I guess the size wouldn’t matter ok now it’s making sense thanks again