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Thinking about coming off the pill as after having Memphis and going back on it I have gained more weight than I did when I was pregnant! Has anyone else had this issue and did coming off help? I do more now than I ever used to so I should be losing not gaining

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— I've not been on any hormone contraceptive in 5years and it was best decision I made. I'm in control of my moods, my weight stays a constant and my skin is pretty clear all year round, I'd consider giving it a go for a few months and just see how you feel, can always start taking it again if it's not right for you.

— @beffgoude Yeah my body has changed so much now and the pill I was on before I had Memphis has changed so I don't think it works for me anymore. Going to trial it and see how it goes could always try a coil or injection instead

— Ive noticed since going back on my pill im gaining weight again despite doing the same diet that i was losing weight with when i wasnt taking it... Im not sure what to do tho as im stuck between being on the pill and having some chub or not taking it, possibly having another child causing more chub 🙈😂 xx