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How can you tell if your child is lactose intolerant

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— Depends on the level of lactose intolerance mine gets diarrhea if he's had to much dairy I'm the same way but when he was younger he had an allergic reaction to the formula broke out in hives and I knew he was going to have the same issue as I have

— She has some severe stomach pain but she has gotten a little watery poo since she started drinking it but she has 2 glasses of 2% and she is so cranky and won't let me rub her belly

— Explosive poop/diarrhea; gas; bad stomach pains.

— Oh no

— My son is and he throws up constantly had to put him on similac sensitive and it works wonders

— She's almost 2 I'm glad that helps your son thou

— @courtneyhodge486 you got to tag people so we know you are responded hit the reply button and it will automatically tag that person and I would say you need to consult her doctor sounds like she might be but always check with doctor as well @yestatipa @kansas_sagesmomma I tagged the other moms for you so they can see you responded to them

— @mom13 thank you sorry guys

— Might be that. Try lactose free milk or almond milk.