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On Friday I had an ultrasound and had asked if we could do a 3d or is baby in a weird position. The girl that was doing my ultrasound said that she would but the baby had no amniotic fluid around the face so it would not turn out at all. But I had noticed that the heart beat dropped as well the baby was 175bpm bit dropped down to 137bpm. I called the triage nurse on friday to ask about it because it did not hit me tell I got home. Well today she finally called me back and said everything was fine, that they look at the amniotic fluid around the baby and that everything looked ok, she was rude to top everything off. I have an appointment on Thursday with my doctors MA and I was going to bring it up with her but I cant help but think something is not right. Im high risk as well and already a finger tip dilated and I will be 32 weeks tomorrow.

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