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HELP my daughter won't eat anything and wants just wants drink she will eat only what she wants

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β€” Same here 😫 what's helping me is giving her a choice of what she wants!

β€” she 2

β€” @karensmommy she keeps telling me her private hurts to

β€” she hate fruit won't eat it plain

β€” Let her eat what she wants better then not eating . Our dr said to let my son eat what he likes. My son super picky n skinny kid at four y old so I let him eat what he wants

β€” @diegosmommy0213 she said private hurts and 1 wet diaper yesterday

β€” @diegosmommy0213 but she loves Mac n cheese and Ramon and lasagna and she doesn't want it and she not constipated she poops everyday or even 2 times a day idk what's happening she had 1 wet diaper yesterday and she drinks lots of fluids

β€” If she's saying she's hurting you should take her to her ped. She could have a UTI! :( and my daughter is the same... never wants to eat ugh so I just give her whatever cause it breaks my heart thinking she's going hungry

β€” @ishabroadway21 okay my husband dad said take her to the Insta care but he won't

β€” @anacort well tell him to suck it up and take her. If it's a uti it can turn into a kidney infection that could then lead to emergency surgery. Trust me, it's no fun.

β€” @ishabroadway21 he says cause we have no insurance

β€” @anacort idk what state you're in but she should be able to get state insurance. And if you apply for it the same day you take her it sure cover that day as well. Regardless of no insurance, that baby needs to go to the dr.

β€” @ishabroadway21 ut

β€” @anacort

β€” @anacort go there and apply! I know how tough it is not having insurance! Luckily my daughter also qualifies for our state insurance so we were able to put her on it! It's a hassle to fill out but it's worth it!

β€” @ishabroadway21 thank u

β€” @ishabroadway21 they have Medicade but husband lost his job and won't fill it out termination paper he said that his boss won't sign it and he was trying to apply for something for money and we were two days of closing on the house and he got fired before closing and he didn't really want the house but he told everyone he got fired but he won't tell me if he just quit

β€” @ishabroadway21 can I fill it online

β€” @anacort that's absolutely ridiculous. Just fill it out anyway and take your daughter to the doctor.

β€” @anacort yes you should be able too

β€” @ishabroadway21 thank you. If he could fill those papers out we could have gotten Medicaid for her to be seen by the doctor but he won't turn in the termination paper to fill it out so we have nothing the last job that he got fired from we're waiting 90 days for insurance so we didn't get it cuz he got fired and now he's got to wait

β€” @anacort, is she telling u she’s hurting tho?

β€” @anacort, take her n ASAP could b uti or something else I would go n today to urgent care

β€” @diegosmommy0213 yeah I will do that

β€” @anacort, good luck n let me know how it turns out today

β€” @diegosmommy0213 yeah she tells me she hurts and shows me

β€” @diegosmommy0213 thanks I will

β€” @ishabroadway21 They said everything is good some days they eat a lot and some don't and if she flips out wanting juice than u give her food and throws it they said wait an hour to give her food and she doesn't get a sippy cup and she throws a fit let her and if u want her to get her to eat fruit say eat this and u can have this .

β€” @anacort did they say anything about her saying that her privates are hurting?

β€” @ishabroadway21 the way she wipes when she goes potty she could wipe it the wrong way