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Omg I was on Facebook and came across a birth video it was very graphic and actually the first time I ever seen a birth ever it's pretty different seeing it and doing it if I was a guy I would faint tooo!!!!!

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— Watch one born every minute

— @amberspringer where do I go d that show ?

— @amberspringer find

— @verguinia, I watch on YouTube

— @verguinia, the c sections are horrifying lol.

— @amberspringer omg I don't know if I'm ready !

— Do u have the link to one?

— @drewannxo to the birth video ?

— @verguinia, yes I want to Show my boyfriend a good one but I can’t view Any on YouTube because I don’t have an account

— @drewannxo it's on Facebook if you have a Facebook I can tag you on it if I find it again because it was so much for me i flixed through it lol

— @verguinia, lol it’s sorta comforting cause it just keeps us reassured that it will be ok