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I have made up my mind I am asking my husband for a divorce. This is from several different things. Including not limited to him only working 12-18 hours a week at a minimum wage job, lazy in all aspects job/household chores and talking care of Skye and him having no ambitions in life. It stinks but I hate being his momma and taking care of him. I just need to vent and need help through this time . Of course I will be getting full custody and I have already enrolled her into daycare. Who else has been through this . Btw my daughter Skye will be two in August 😊

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— I've been divorced but we didn't have children. Divorce is rough but sometimes necessary. Don't let someone hold you back and it's not good to stay so the child won't have a broken family especially if your bascially raising them alone.

— How do you know you'll get full custody? Just wondering I'm going through something similar

— Also sorry you are going through this. If you need someone to talk to, you can always message me.

— @bossxmama, my husband doesn’t work can’t support himself, and doesn’t have a license to drive . I have a career the house and car are in my names every thing we have is because of me

— Well he only works 12-18 hours which mean he doesn’t really work

— @rawr1011 I hope you get the custody you're looking for. I think most states will give at least 90/10 custody unless you can prove he is unfit

— I have plenty of evidence unfortunately. But I found out he has been messaging this girl tell her we were getting a divorce since September. I have said I felt uncomfortable with him talking to her and I know why now

— @rawr1011 evidence that he is an unfit father? Courts rarely care about cheating when it comes to custody

— He has rights to his child and the judge will most likely order supervised visitation. You will unlikely have sole custody unless you can prove he is a danger with proof for the judge. Cheating/talking to women you don’t approve of will not be a reason why he will lose rights to his child unless you can prove that woman is a danger. I am so sorry that you are going through this and I completely understand your dilemma. I wish you all the best!