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Just need alittle moment to rave and to get some advice. My 3 year old is going to go to start school this August for early autism intervention and pre academics to help with his communication. Im so sad and excited to see my baby in a classroom and to see him growing up and learn. I just have 1 concern. Im due on August 16 and school starts August 22. The program he will be in has their own bus that doesnt take any other kids besides the ones in that progam. He will be picked up and dropped off infront of our home. I'm so paranoid because of stories ive heard. The classrooms for the program are gated inside a gated elementray school (if that makes sense). So he will be lead to class and on/off the bus with teachers. Oh and he will have a tag on him with his name and where to be dropped off. My SO thinks I should have him take the bus since ill have a newborn but in so nervous 😥 What do you ladies think?? Would you do it?? Lasty, I'm so excited to buy him his little lunchbox, backpack, and supplies. 😭 My baby 💔

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— Edit: I can choose wether or not he takes the bus but I want to get all his paperwork in already. I just can't decide what to do.

— If you feel in your gut he'll be safe, then do it. Since it's a specialized program they must deal with these types of children all across the spectrum and are specially trained. The first day will be the hardest. But stick with the routine from the start, even before you have the baby, and it will be just fine.

— @mybabybear I think he will be safe Im just so worried cause hes my baby 😂😭. I don't want to sound dumb but if you can help me with a question please. Im filling out his emergency card and it says "In case school should be closed in an emergency, my child should go to....". Do I just put my address? Or what the heck 😐

— @mamabird228 Hes not verbal and I dont know about the bus. Those are really good points I didnt even think of that! Tomorrow we are meeting up with one of the program directors to check out the school and their classroom routines. Ill definately ask that!

— @mamabird228 Thank you very much 💜 Im new to this paperwork and I just wanna do it right 😊

— I wouldn’t. Especially with him being non verbal. It’ll be tough with a newborn but worth the peace of mind. And his safety.

— @kittyghoul0209, I would my address or another persons address like my moms. I would put two

— As a special ed teacher, I’ve had many students take the bus, including nonverbal kiddos with autism, and haven’t had any problems. We meet kids at the bus in the morning and we walk them out when they leave. All buses used for kids with disabilities have a second adult to help out during the ride as well!

— I agree with Nes. After the crap I dealt with on the bus with my six year old, my 4 year old will be getting rides.

— @hershey May I ask what happened? 😣

— @kittyghoul0209 she was hit in the stomach and came home crying. I took it to the principal multiple times - couldn't get ahold of him. When I finally got a call back, he said he would handle it. She came home upset again because the same boy was teasing her and threatening to hit her. Once again, called the principal. Then the bus took off while she was still standing and his 11 year old sister wouldn't let her sit down so she fell. Long story short - they didn't handle very well until I took above him. A lot of parents were having issues.

— I have this exact issue. I’m due in July and I’m having a repeat csection. My son is on the spectrum with a very limited vocabulary and will start preschool in August right after he turns 3. I don’t want for him to take the bus because I’m scared, but at the same time I can already see myself trying to drag him to and from school. He throws himself on the floor a lot. I figured him taking the bus would be great help, but I’m nervous and scared for him ☹️.

— @kittyghoul0209, last year my fiancé’s niece was dropped off at the wrong school. No one realized she was missing until the after school program called her mom to verify that she wasn’t going to the program that day. Thank god they found her safe at the other school. Crying and scared but safe. I know these stories are few and far in between but they’re enough for me to not bus my children.

— My little guy has special needs and also rides the bus to pre-k two days a week. I was extremely hesitant after the horror stories myself as well, and because his classes were only half days he’d be on a small bus without my older two kids. His aide collects my older son Draidon from the library and he holds JJs hand onto the bus and then goes back to class, and I meet him out front our home bus pulls right up to our drive way. The bus driver is a lovely woman who’s driven bus for 25+ years and takes excellent care of him. One rare occasion there was a fill in driver who went to the wrong stop and my son essentially had a melt down he knows what our home looks like and also alerted them our cars were not there. They took him back to the school and he was taken to his older brother to wait for me. He feels a lot of comfort when he is able to be near my older son and the schools amazing about it. If you need to call the head of the bus department or safety coordinator our school directed us to the person to talk to regarding our concerns and needs for him on the bus. They were even informed of our sons special soft helmet he must have on at all times and took down detailed notes. We really didn’t want him to ride the bus, but the small private school has minimal parking and no handicap spaces wide enough, so we decided to try the bus which was more accessible to off load his walker if need be. Express your concerns and fears to the school coordinator and they will direct you on who to talk to. I felt MUCH better after speaking to the bus safety coordinator.

— @mamabird228, it was after school. The bus picks her up from school and takes her to her sisters school and she goes to the after school program there. She had to go to the other school because her sisters school didn’t have preschool. Anyway, she was missing for about 15 minutes. The time it took the bus to drop off the kids and for the after school program to take attendance. But 15 minutes is an eternity for a little kid! When they picked her up from the wrong school she was the only kid there!

— @mamabird228, 😂 I knew you did lol that’s why I clarified. Go to bed, you’re drunk. That’s even funnier saying it to you 🤭😂😂😂

— @mamabird228,