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Any mommas on here have hypothyroidism? Mine is congenital (born with it) which is rare but just wondering if anyone else is going through the same with me with all the extra blood work and stuff.

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— Hi momma I’m also 18 weeks❤️ I also have hypothyroidism and what’s weird with mine is it only shows when I’m pregnant other than that it stays normal!! So when I’m expecting is when I take pills and feel so lethargic😫so I know what you go thru xoxoxo

— @melissaredfield87, Wow I’ve never heard of that! I’ve been taking medicine for it since I was 9 days old. But I’ve never heard of pregnancy hypo. Yeah I can never tell if my tiredness is from my pregnancy or my hypo now. They’ve had to change my medicine way too much. So I just hope it doesn’t affect the baby.

— @vamommy89, oh wow I’m sorry! Did the hypothyroidism pass to your first?

— I’m taking medication for mine. My primary doctor had me get another blood test after I found out I was pregnant just to check on it. Everything is good.

— When I got pregnant with my son my doctor told me I had it so I started taking medication. He said I'd have to take it the rest of my life but I haven't taken the medication in a very long time and my levels have been coming back normal 🤗