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Realistically, what is it a newborn wears? Like 0-3 months is it mainly all in ones? Like is it really worth having too many proper outfits ? :)

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— I am so confused... in first life hour, can my baby wear 0-3months clothes? Or them are too big?

— :)))

— @alexandrasidariuscovaci, well I am getting 0-3 months but just a few newborn and first size just in case she is a little bit smaller I suppose we don’t know until they’re born.. but I’m defo just mainly getting 0-3 😁😁 it just depends on what you’d rather do I think hun :)

— @em93bbourn, 😘 xx

— I dressed our lo in outfits but that’s just becoz I preferred it but it’s upto u. Lots of people just use sleep suits. I just went straight for 0-3 month stuff but again can depend on size of ur baby. My lo was over 8lbs and a lot of newborn stuff only goes upto around 10lbs I think xx

— Kai mostly wore sleepsuits there's outfits he didn't wear cause they grow too quick 😂 I found it easier dressing him in sleepsuits it was too much faff putting actual outfits on him 😂 xx

— @loular16, ahh ok that’s good then I’ll just mainly get them to start with then get more outfits when she’s a little older 😁 unless my family want to buy me some 😂😂 xx

— @nataliielouiseexo, yeah I was thinking that with all the nappy changes and sick LOL I mean I don’t know this is my first but I can imagine it’s a faff 😂 xx

— I mainly had lil man in onesies, especially till his cord came off, then if we was goin out to see family or something I’d put jeans or trackie bottoms & top etc on him but most the time when we was at home he was in a onesie lol xx

— @em93bbourn, I got a lot of our stuff 2nd hand to begin with as they not in it for long so it’s like new. Try Facebook sites or nearly new sales. U can find some nice stuff and normally quite cheep xx

— @em93bbourn yeah there was a point he was having like 3 different sleepsuits 😂 he would wear an outfit if we went out for tea etc but that's it, he's always in outfits now like 😁 xx

— Bundles all the way one just been looking on eBay as well and Facebook it’s so much cheaper & good as new :) & yeah good point just an outfit to see family or going out anywhere 😁👌🏼 thanks ladies 💖💖@nataliielouiseexo, @loular16, @x-t-x,

— @mamaofzuri, yeah that makes sense really... comfy and easier just having mainly onsies, it saves me hassle as well I am pretty much prepared for her if I don’t need many proper outfits ha!! xx

— Till he was around 7lbs (6 weeks old ish) he just wore sleepsuits, was too scared to put a vest on him never mind outfits. But now he tends to wear outfits everyday and sleepsuits for bed/chill days x

— Both of mine needed newborn. Morgan was 7lbs6oz & Max was 8lbs3oz. They weren't in that size for too long. Max about a month and Morgan 7/8weeks. But I found 0-3 way too big. Mine also lived in sleepsuits. Found outfits a faff and they always looked uncomfortable lol

— I didnt bothet with new born as they only go up to 7lb.. we took 0-3 month all in ones. They may be bit big but they will grow into them. Also by the sleep suites with mits attatched xx