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We’ve been here for four days now, and I must say I totally loooove the food! It’s all healthy, clean eating. The diet for rob will have to continue once we’re home, it’s my normal eating I’ve wanted to get back to so those is definitely a big help for me, I feel so good and not bloated of crabby. Food is life man let me tell you. Can for sure make or break my day. I do miss my protein, they do mostly vegan other then fish and I hate fish.

Also been awesome cuz I haven’t cooked a meal since Sunday. We just go sit our asses in the cafeteria and get fed and soup salad and meal three times a day 🙌🏼 and it will be like this till June 5th, like heaven.

And on an even better note rob ate his entire last meal, every bit of it. And since they put him on some pain med here he’s been feeling so much better so that awesome!

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— Love that he is eating!!!❤️ And love that you can kinda relax a bit your still doing a lot but no cooking 🙌 that’s always a plus lol

— @boymom_ im glad to hear!

— @chelseymamma, thank you!

— @mombie., lol u met him today, kinda haha .. no cooking wins all even though I love cooking! Kinda sucks though I feel like being home all day all I do is cook 😂😂

— @boymom_, yes! I hate cooking so I would love that I also don’t even know how to cook really 🤷‍♀️

— @mombie., lol! I do and I love to but loving the break for sure! Can’t lie