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Am I the only one that watches “Dr Phil” and “Judge Judy “ talk about grandma status 👵🏼

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— Nope I love Judith! I was watching Dr. Oz earlier too. Lol

— Nopeeee my favorite!!!

— @amouryaya09, lmao I love judge Judy! She is crazy !

— @taylorc, okay good not just me 😂😂❤️

— @jellybeans_mumm, she is! She’s so mean. She has no patience and I love it 😂😂😂

— @amouryaya09, lmao yeah she’s the best one on tv 😂😂

— @mamabird228, I know I’m watching dr Phil Judy next haha all our shows lined up

— I do too

— Love Dr. Phil, even tho he created this female Bhad Bhabie or whatever her name is ... the take it outside girl lol 😂🙄🤷🏻‍♀️ I saw he was gonna have another spoiled brat on the show sometime soon, hopefully it doesn’t turn out the same. They go on the show cuz they’re out of hand and being there makes them famous, now she’s a brat with money 🙄🙄

— I used watch it with my Nana

— @mamabird228, lmao! I have Phil on at 3 Judy on at 4!

— @jellybeans_mumm not at all lol been my favorite since I was like 15

— @leslyev92, omg I know!!! I can’t stand her so annoying ! yeah he had a spoil brat on like two weeks ago her allowance was 5,000 a month 😬

— @taylorc, I know mine too 😩😩😩

— @jellybeans_mumm, it’s ridiculous! & the younger population praises them and start looking for them on social media and giving them the attention they seek 😣 that frustrates me lol the world is changing so fast.

— I like dr phil. But I think he's kinda cocky and that annoys me.

— I watch it lol but dam sometimes judge judy be getting on my nerves 😒😆

— @leslyev92, I know I wanted to slap the crap out of both those teens. Instagram is a platform for dum shit . 😣 I totally agree with u

— @casanovaivette2711, lmao my boyfriend can’t stand her , he’s all does anyone ever talk back to her ??? I’m like NOPE!

— @mhbbb2, yeah he has his days 😆😆

— I mean yeah she tells them off good when they deserve it.. but sometimes she don’t even let the poor ppl talk lmao.

— @casanovaivette2711, lmao I know she has me dying sometimes .. she’s a crazy old lady

— Definitely not alone🤷🏻‍♀️

— @jellybeans_mumm, yeah.. my sister loves her lolol. Who still watches Jerry Springer 💀😂

— @casanovaivette2711, 😂😂 or Maury !

— @jellybeans_mumm I'm waiting for it to come on now

— @taylorc, me to I’m watching Phil rn Judy on next

— @jellybeans_mumm, Maury still on?? I haven’t seen that in a WHILE!!! lolol

— @casanovaivette2711, yes! I think he comes on in the morning lol

— I record every doctor phil episode ! I know what that man had on 6 years ago 😂

— Currently watching him 😂

— @parismommmy, lmao wait till you see today’s smh

— I’m obsessed with dr Phil that my husband got me tickets to go see him 😂

— @parismommmy, hahaha hopefully you sit front row or by robin

— @jellybeans_mumm, omg ima be fan girling like crazy 😂😂

— @parismommmy, 😂😂😂 I’ll look for you on tv

— 🙋‍♀️ I've watched Judge Judy since I was in elementary school....

— @nomli, lmao we religious tv fans

— I TiVo dr. Phil. I’m 32 and have been watching him since I was 19 lol

— @kellywidener820, 😂😂😂

— @jellybeans_mumm lol I saw that one

— I like divorce court