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When did you put your baby in a toddler bed?

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— When they learned how to climb out of their cribs. 2.5 and 3 but my 3 year-old went straight to twin bed. We've never had issues with him sleeping in it either.

— 18mnths. Full size bed at 22 mnths.

— My oldest was around 2, my stepson was like 18 months, my sons was 2 1/2. My youngest is 17 months but still in her crib

— 18 months. Hes now two ans hlf and in a twin bed

— We're just about to do it now. He's tall and is testing how to climb out, plus showing signs that potty training may be imminent, or I'd wait until 3. I don't want a potty trained kid in a crib! Just have to get a crib rail first.

— I just recently bought my toddler a bed.. hes 2 , he loves it but ofc he occasionally still cuddles up with me at night

— My first right at 1, second a little after 1. They were both monkeys. But my 1yo now cant even walk and feel like it wont be anytime soon

— As soon as she turned 2

— I was tolled after they won't stay in their bed. My 18 month old still in his bed, but I know the transition will be soon cuz at time's hw climbs out but not enough to transition him.

— Around 20 months