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So I was so excited tomorrow to get my anatomy scan done! Call the dr office just to make sure and the lady says we don’t even have you scheduled for a ultrasound and I told her could we set it up for tomorrow and she says we don’t have an ultrasound tech tomorrow. I was like really. I was so looking forward to seeing my baby boy! I swear the dr said a month ago I’d be getting it done this appt.

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— Usually you have to schedule both separately sometimes it works out that they are the same day but because an ultrasound tech actually does the scan it’s scheduled as an appointment with the imaging department

— That’s so disappointing!! My ultrasounds are scheduled separately. They have to have very good equipment to get all of those measurements and my doc’s u/s is crap. I would be asking your doc why they haven’t even scheduled it if you are 20 weeks already!!!

— @iwannaplay, @stephbda, I didn’t think I’d be seeing him tomorrow I just thought it would be the scan, but I’ll be asking tomorrow maybe next week we can do one!