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So I went to another hospital & they told me I’m 5 weeks pregnant!! Not 7 like I thought! God is good!

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— Wait so you didn't have a miscarriage?!

— @itslindsss, no I thought I did kus they told me I did yesterday.

— @jessicasanchez, wow! I'm happy you still have your baby! Why did they say you did? I would be pissed!

— Congratulations 💕

— @itslindsss, I was spotting & they did ultrasounds & couldn’t see a baby in my sac. They tried to give me a shot to finish miscarrying but I refused. It didn’t feel right. I am pissed kus I cried all day yesterday!

— @jessicasanchez, thank god you didn't do the shot! Yeah that's so horrible! You went through all that stress for nothing! But at least now you know the baby is fine❤️ yay! Happy for the good news!

— @marismomma, yes my hcg levels are 26000. They were 15000 yesterday

— @itslindsss, thank you! & I know I was looking up a lot of stuff yesterday to ease my mind

— Wow. That's a pretty big mistake they made. So glad your doing ok and that you got a second opinion!

— You need to have faith in god

— @mommie2be26th, I did. I prayed kus it didn’t feel right.

— So happy for you hun! ❤

— That is great news, yay!!! You're right, God is good😊