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Mi main concern about mi pregnancy rn is CONTRACTIONS an POSTPARTUM am I alone in this??

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— Like your nervous for ppd?

— @taylorc No not ppd. Postpartum labor pain.

— @itstheylife oh lol sorryy

— I suffered very little postpartum pain. I didn’t take any pain relief through labour and didn’t need any after. Everybody is different, you might feel great afterwards. For contractions focus your way through them, they’re tough but stay calm and focussed and you’ll be fine.

— @taylorc Lol it's ok

— @mariapb For both mi kids I never had any pain medicine but I did need it but me not knowing anything about it, it never came to mind to ask for any. I just knew about the epidural which they did give me. An ima do it this time around too but this time ima ask for pain medicine. An yes you're right im hoping that will be the case for me. Thank you 😊 for the advice I will most definitely keep that in mind an follow through with the contractions.

— @itstheylife, I’m no expert but I definitely found when I stressed through the contractions they were worse. Remember ever pain is a step closer to baby, you’ve got this!!

— @mariapb For you not to be one you give great advice an I will most definitely fall through with it because it makes alot of sense like you say the more you stress the painful they are so ima breathe through them an try to stay focused not thinking bout them.

— @itstheylife, aww thank you. I’m glad I’ve helped.

— @mariapb You're welcome hunn! An yes you most definitely did! 💛