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I have lost 3 pounds this week, is labor near? even though Im getting induced Sunday? Have anyone experience this? My stomach even look small 😐😣

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β€” Maybe your baby dropped already. Idk if it’s normal to lose weight tho, I just keep going up non stop 😭😭😭

β€” @leslyev92 Yes maybe so! I am 3 cm dilated...and my stomach been huge, I can just tell its small along with weighing myself πŸ˜“ Idk if this is normal

β€” When do you see the dr ?

β€” @leslyev92 Tomorrow thank God! Cause I am like what in the world

β€” @vhutcheson09, yes, you’ll be able to know what’s going on soon enough! Hopefully everything is perfect and it’s just labor. πŸ™πŸΌ

β€” I lost 5 pounds before I went into labor. It was because she had dropped and was ready to come out. So maybe your baby will be here soon.

β€” @leslyev92 yes I pray so too! Thanks love...what are you having??

β€” @mommyof_2woprincesses thanks for telling me that...I tried to remember about my son but Can not remember...And yes I hope so I wonder will I make it till Sunday when I get induced

β€” @vhutcheson09, baby girl πŸ‘§πŸ»

β€” @leslyev92 me too! Congrats..any name decision yet?

β€” @vhutcheson09, yes we’re making her Mia Isabella. & yay congrats! How about for your little one?

β€” @vhutcheson09, I was scheduled for a induction that Monday but I didn’t make it. I had my daughter the day after thanksgiving. I had back pain and back contractions for Thanksgiving lol. I couldn’t eat a thing without being in pain.

β€” @mommyof_2woprincesses OmG wow a turkey baby! lol I hope they keep me tomorrow lol

β€” @vhutcheson09, I hope so too lol. Good luck mama!

β€” @mommyof_2woprincesses thanks babe