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Omg no way! Is he cat fishing us? Hope it’s not true


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— Hmmm I can’t see it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— No way! He’s wife is smoking hot!

— @girlmom., I know! This girl is accusing him

— @jellybeans_mumm, just gunna get paid 😑

— @girlmom., yeah always trying to come up on some money

— @jellybeans_mumm, and on the cool, she kinda looks a man 🤗

— @caylintay, me either ! He seems so down to earth 😣

— @girlmom., lmao 😆

— @jellybeans_mumm, I follow his wife pretty religiously lol. But yeah idk I can’t see it with his he carries him self and things he believes in

— @caylintay, I know! I know his wife is probably shocked! He just carries himself in a professional manner

— @noahbellamom, who is victim shaming ?

— @girlmom.,

— Pretty much all of you are victim shaming. Do you know how bad that would hurt her to read people think she's doing this for a paycheck

— @caiticat, if you post on you tube video before going to police then yeah ...

— @noahbellamom, 👌🏽 understood

— I saw a post saying that it was false!

— @noenahiza, I hope so!

— @noahbellamom, oh okay, thanks for that. 👍🏻

— @jellybeans_mumm, I’m sorry but if I was a victim, I wouldn’t post on social media first. My ass would be down at that police station right after it happened..

— @girlmom., My point exactly, I wouldn’t be making you tube videos on what happened . 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

— I looooove Nev! This is so disappointing... But then nothing surprises me after ol Bill smh... I pray that this isn't true though!

— @jellybeans_mumm, @noahbellamom, . @noahbellamom, yeah I’m not victim shaming. I’m not saying he didn’t do it and I’m not saying he did do it. All I said was it’s just shocking because of how he’s portrayed.

—, lol I know 😩 I love him to I’m hoping it’s not true .

— The YouTube video was definitely super weird. Idk I don't want to say she's lying, it could be true...but if it is, she should have probably gone about it a little differently.

— @k.rose, all bad! When ur requesting for likes it’s like for attention if it’s true then I hope he pays but u waited three years and she should of done it differently

— @jellybeans_mumm, i don’t trust anyone who does their eyebrows like that 😕

— @candacelashea, ayyyyyy! 🤦🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️

— @candacelashea, 😂😂😂 true

— What happened

— @mommynmotion, he is being accused of sexual misconduct

— @jellybeans_mumm, doesn’t he have a wife and family

— @mommynmotion, yes he does

— People will do anything to get 5 mins of fame and try and sue and get a check smh Nev would never do that !

— @parismommmy, I hope he didn’t but yeah I agree ☝️

— I just can’t imagine Nev would do such a thing. I watch catfish faithfully and I’ve never seen anything that would suggest that type of behavior from him. Of course I’m not saying the show shows his whole life and behind the scenes but still I just hope this is just fake news now adays it’s crazy how people will downgrade a person character just for some money and some tweets about them

— What?! She went to you tube first? I really hope none of this is true.

— @sky105, I know and yes she did posted like three videos

— Nev is such a good dude though. I’d need more evidence to believe that...