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Morning sickness tricks?

Currently laying in my cold room with a lime under my nose.

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β€” Ginger ale, saltine crackers, preggie pops, psi bands, and lemon water (just from what I can remember) I still get sick here and there but the first trimester was the worst for me

β€” @ashleycorinaa my first baby I had HG and spent ALOT of time in and out of the hospital. I'm 6 weeks now and just started the sickness thing. I hope it don't last.

β€” @j.kiss92, oh no. My first was not bad at all. I had about two sick days the entire time. Only complaint was sciatica but now I got hit with alllll the symptoms πŸ˜“ it started at 6 weeks for me this time too

β€” @ashleycorinaa Don't You Put That Curse On Me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

β€” @j.kiss92, lmaooo I hope not!!!

β€” Smelling anything mint helped me!!

β€” @akcatprincess I forgot about that!!!

β€” @j.kiss92, it really works they have some mint oil for me to smell at the hospital cuz I felt sick in labor and after they gave it to me I felt totally better, never threw up ☺️

β€” Eating crystallized ginger really helped me.

β€” @j.kiss92, I had HG the first time around too. Dreading morning sickness. Let’s stay in touch and be buddies for support

β€” @lulu85_18 I just took a Dramamine natural ginger capsule. Hoping that stops it for a bit.

β€” @ashleycorinaa yaaasss, preggo pops are the ONLY thing that worked for me!!

β€” @jacquier, me too! This time I got sick of them eventually though but they were magic