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I had bearly turned 39 weeks on the top pic with my 2nd daughter and ended with my water braking that same night but my daughter was breeched so I ended up having a csection and in the bottom I’m 37 weeks but tomorrow I’ll be 38 weeks does this looked like I’ve dropped ?? Last time dr checked she was head down at 35 weeks .

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— It’s hard to tell in the picture but I noticed I could breathe so much easier when my kiddos dropped into position.

— Does look like you dropped or are you carrying a boy?

— It definitely looks like your belly has dropped.

— @mommytojames, no I’m having a girl but everyone always asks if I’m having a boy Cus in not wide and it looks like I’m carrying a basketball lol

— @paulina1223 lol oh okay then def dropped! Such a cute bump!