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What did you ladies do about food when you delivered at the hospital? Did you guys order out or brought stuff with you? I'll be having a csection and will be at the hospital for three whole days.

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— We ate at my hospital, my insurance covered mine and my SOs food.

— I had there food, super bomb.. or if not just have someone bring you some

— We ate hospital food and bought out lol

— @jellybeans_mumm I agree! Everyone says how nasty hospital food Is. Omg not mine. I missed it when I got discharged lol

— @mckallalynn.., me tooo!! Mine was so good 😊

— I did both because the snacks and breakfast was good. But lunch and dinner sucked so I ordered out for both.

— Also my husband bought me food

— I ordered the room service and also had my fiance go get food. Had a c-section as well. The first meal they let you have is very blah. But the next day he us got Chipotle 😁 and the hospital food wasn't too bad. Just don't make the mistake of ordering waffles for breakfast because by the time it gets to you the steam will have turned the waffle soggy 😖

— I did a little of everything. The sandwiches were my favorite 😂 then my husband and a friend brought me food. And I had snacks with me already.

— Thanks guys ❤️! @nomli @sunflowerfields @coffee_is_the_new_black @jellybeans_mumm @mckallalynn.. @bodybycheetos

— Ate what they brought me. But I only stayed one night....